About Us

Karjasewa established in 2022. We are a financial consultant whose mission is to exceed your expectations, working on your behalf to procure loan for you on competitive terms and a suitable solution, quickly and efficiently.

Karjasewa is well respected by banks & NBFC’s (Non Banking Financial Corporation), with which it has a good reputation for introducing high quality clients. We are associated with leading banks and financial institutions in the country.

Our consultants are well qualified professionals who understand and empathies needs of their customer. Karjasewa assured you that your loan will be competitively priced and well suited to your needs. As a client of Karjasewa, your loan arrangements will be handled on daily basis by our dedicated financial consultants.

You will not have to deal with call centre or spend time providing personal information via online platforms. You are therefore free to get on with your life in the knowledge that your loan application is being managed proactively by Karjasewa consultants in order to meet important deadlines.

Karjasewa financial consultant take pride in helping clients to fulfill their property aspirations by taking loan and can often turn the seemingly impossible into reality! You may be able to look at a wider range of property loan than you previously expected and overcome obstacles which might have stood in the way of your progress.


Whether you want home loan to purchase a property, or commercial loan to purchase a commercial property, or want loan against your pre-owned residential, or commercial property or any other financial need, Karjasewa works to obtain a suitable loan quickly at a competitive rate from bank or NBFC. We know that our clients come in many shapes and sizes and the circumstances and characteristics of one borrower might be quite different from another. Pricing of loan also varies significantly between lenders i.e. bank or NBFC, depending on their assessment of the quality of the lending. This is determined by various factors such as loan to value ratio (LTV), loan size, the borrower’s income and their general financial status, etc.

We understand that property loan & finance issues can be complicated and our aim is to simplify the loan & finance application and house buying process, taking all the ‘hassle’ away from you, and also at the same time keep you informed about loan application progress and requirements.

Here are the key steps of Karjasewa Services:-
  • Your first consultation with Karjasewa financial consultant is free; you are under no obligation to take advice or pay any fees. During this conversation we will ascertain your requirements and put you in contact with other parties if required such as banker, property broker, lawyer, architects, etc.
  • Your dedicated Karjasewa financial consultant will follow up by sending you full documentation, describing the level of service and our terms of business.
  • If you then confirm your instructions to Karjasewa to provide advice and to arrange a property loan, your financial consultant will complete a full ‘fact-find’, carry out the required research and make a recommendation.
  • If you are satisfied with the recommendation your financial consultant will assist you with completion of the necessary loan application forms and collect necessary documents required by the bank or NBFC.
  • After submitting loan application to bank or NBFC, we will then liaise with the lender and any other parties you instruct us to, so you don’t need to chase anyone yourself.
  • We will also be able to arrange appropriate and competitive protection insurance (life protection and household insurance) if you would like us to do so.
  • Once your loan sanctioned and disbursed and loan process has completed, we will be on hand in case you ever have any queries about your loan.

Karjasewa seeks perfection in providing you the best product and this perfection is obtained by customer satisfaction. Our aim is to build a healthy and long term relationship with you.

Contact Karjasewa and get your best loan offer with us today!